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How does rehabilitation work in rheumatoid arthritis?

One of the symptoms of this disease, very common in people between the thirties and 50s, is the appearance of edema, but also severe pain, limitation of motion in the joints and rheumatoid nodules. Patients very often also feel morning kind of stiffness in the joints. This insidious disease is one of autoimmune diseases, chronic, divided into periods of exacerbation and remission. Much more women can be found among the sick.

Finding answers to pain

McKenzie's method of rehabilitation

Finding a way to relieve pain and restore your mobility after a variety of operations or serious accidents, and for a variety of illnesses is one of the most important elements of today's modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation. There are still new methods and proposals that use different areas and environments that can be used safely for such purposes. One of the most popular methods used today even in the most severe cases is the method developed by McKenzie.

What is the method?

What is therapy of sensory integration? Do we all need to know this term?


The definition of sensory integration

Sensory integration is the capability of your brain to receive, process and react to external visual, auditory and tactile stimuli. The brain acquires and develops this ability throughout life, although most intensely in the first few years of a child's life. Disturbances in those processes cause a lot of symptoms in sensory integration disorders.

Training on a trampoline – a good solution not only for losing weight

A form of rehabilitation – for whom?

If you have problems with your leg muscles, you should try it. It is an effective way to stretch muscles and make them flexible. It is more harmless activity than jogging for long distances. Nowadays, more and more physiotherapists recommend it. They convince about its effectiveness. It is directed to people who had any accident and who want to return to their physical fitness.


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