Training on a trampoline – a good solution not only for losing weight


A form of rehabilitation – for whom?

If you have problems with your leg muscles, you should try it. It is an effective way to stretch muscles and make them flexible. It is more harmless activity than jogging for long distances. Nowadays, more and more physiotherapists recommend it. They convince about its effectiveness. It is directed to people who had any accident and who want to return to their physical fitness.

How are the other advantages of this modern form of activity?

As mentioned, it is great to do jumping activity to lose weight. It is used in many fitness clubs now. You can participate it not only if you want to make your muscles flexible, but also if you want to be slim and sporty. It is often used as a complement to different types of legs rehabilitation. Doing fitness jumping you improve among others, your efficiency and work of your brain.

Where you can find fitness jumping?

There are thousands of fitness clubs which offer classes with trampolines, even the individual ones. You can participate it with a group or on your own. Then you have better support of your instructor. If you prefer to stay at home, you can look for and buy your own, small trampoline and train using the films which are on the internet. Trampolines are in modern sports shops. It is not a problem to buy it. But to this kind of activity on your own, you need some space at home. To make rehabilitation, you should consult types of activities with your physiotherapist.





I am fitness instructor. Lots of people take part in my jumping classes. It is becoming more and more popular.


I had problems with my thigh muscles. After some classes with using of trampoline I got much better.

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