Rehabilitation with the help of animals


From today we know very well that animals are our best friends - in every possible way. With the return and willingness to find again the vicissitudes began to develop new ways of treatment with the participation of animals. Today they enjoy great popularity and bring real results not only to the rehabilitation of disabled children, but also those suffering from sensory integration disorders, Down's syndrome or Asperger's syndrome or autism.

The most common methods of animal therapy

The most popular today is hippotherapy, in which horses participate. Here, the most important thing is to stimulate the psyche and the body, to know the potential and to move in space, but also to coordinate the movement or to know the intimacy with the other, and to learn non-verbal relationships, but also without emotion. This method can also be used by adults after injury.
Another type of therapy is the use of cats, and therefore felinotherapy. In this case, the children especially are finding help with hyperactivity, ADHD, autism and disorders in the sphere of emotions and the problems of expressing feelings. Cats are also irreplaceable therapists in the treatment of depression, which is still unknown to many people.

Among the more commonly used therapies can also be kynotherapy with dogs. For this task are chosen so-called gentle races because of its soothing to its calm character and enormous patience to the sick. Kynotherapy is usually used for childhood cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism or Down's syndrome or with paresis.


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