How can I improve my therapy?


Since people are interested in medicine of all kind, they are looking for ways to improve their health and general well-being. They are concerned by both physical and mental diseases and disorders, therefore they are constantly looking for new medications, kinds of therapy and useful tools. It is always good to try new things out and think of something new that might work and help somebody. That is why many people are using weigted blankets, which happen to be very universal therapy tool.

We are familiar with weighted blanket for decades now. It is exactly what it sounds like – a type of quilt with additional weight, carefully adjusted to its user’s needs. It has to be custom made, so that its weigth is not too big (causing discomfort) or too light (not working at all). Weighted blanket is widely known for its properties especially in sensory integration therapy. This kind of therapy is applied with people suffering from many disorders, for example autism or Asperger syndrome. But as a matter of fact, weighted blanket is much more than that.

It is also used by people having other kinds of disorders: dyslexia, dysortography, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. People affected by Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral palsy are also using it. It is proved to be helpful to cure insomnia as well. It works on many levels. But how can this even work?

The weight is the secret. As it turned out, this extra weigth causes gentle pressure against one’s body and this relaxes muscles. Relaxed body helps with soothing the mind and this is exactly why people are so happy about using weighted blanket.

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