Swimming for your spine


Many additional therapy forms are recommended by physiotherapists to help their patients strengthen the effects of in-office physiotherapy. Some physiotherapists recommend swimming for problems with your spine, such as a backache. How often should you swim? What are the benefits?

Swimming for everyone

If there are no medical reasons for you to refrain from swimming, just do it! But ask your doctor first if you have any health conditions or are unsure whether swimming won’t hurt you.

Any style of swimming is alright. If you have only learned the breaststroke or dog paddle, swimming can still have huge benefits for your back and overall fitness. Most notably, swimming strengthens your back muscles, and strong back muscles provide an excellent supporting structure for your spine. This way, you can get rid of a backache which is caused by overtaxing your spine.

Children, especially, should swim at least two times a week, and even more frequently. Their bone structures are still developing and providing a supporting muscle structure helps their backs grow straight. Children who do not get enough exercise, lead a sedentary lifestyle and slouch a lot are more likely to develop posture and spinal problems. This means a lot of pain in the adult life, and sometimes a disfigurement which can change a whole life for the worse. Take preventive measures now to avoid pain and therapy later in life.

How often should you swim?

For the best effects, you should swim three times a week for at least forty minutes. Don’t overexert yourself: even if you’re very ambitious, five times a week will be plenty enough. And if you’re not into exercise but still want to get the benefits – start at one time a week.

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