How to keep the right posture?


Nowadays, more and more people lead sedentary lifestyles. When we’re sitting at our desks, we often slouch. And the slouch becomes our permanent feature, as it’s harder and harder to keep our posture right. Here are some tips on how to help your back and image.

The right motivation

When you slouch, all your internal organs are squeezed together. Your digestive tract isn’t working right, and your diaphragm doesn’t get enough air. Not only will you be constipated and have a dull stomach ache – you’ll also tire more easily because of insufficient oxygen supply.

So, there’s plenty reason to get a good posture to relieve your body and start feeling better. But if this doesn’t motivate you enough, think about the image you’re projecting, when you slouch. Is a slouching person confident? Is a slouching person successful? Is a slouching person sexy?

How to keep the right posture

The first thing would be to sign up for one manual therapy meeting. The therapist will assess the damage already done to your muscles and joints, and then teach you what the right posture is – and often we have many misconceptions about the right posture! It’s important to fix that.

While you’re at it, ask your therapist to teach you how to sit properly, and assign you exercises to stretch your back and chest. These areas suffer most when you’re slouching. And be prepared – the first stretching session may be painful!

After the visit, make a habit of sitting up straight when you’re at your desk or at home. But remember – even the right kind of sitting isn’t good for you. Exercise.

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