How to sit at your computer without harming your body?


A sedentary lifestyle is very dangerous in the long run. Not only does it damage your spine, your overall fitness, and your ability to cope with stress – it also affects the way you’re perceived by others!

How not to sit

People who sit a lot, for example at work, slouch. Slouching is bad for your health in that it weakens the muscular structures surrounding your spine and squeezes your internal organs tight, limiting the proper blood-flow to these areas.

Slouching is the sin number one. Another vice of many people who spend most of their lives sitting down is sitting in a way that puts all the pressure on the anus, or the vagina in case of women. What it does, is restrict the blood flow to your pelvic area and overexert it, leading to urinary incontinence and even vaginal prolapse. If you want to avoid therapy or even surgery, here is what you should do.

So, how should you sit?

If you are sitting at your computer desk, make sure that the computer screen is above your line of sight. When it’s below it, you’re more likely to slouch. If you’re working with a laptop, put it higher and get another keyboard, so that you can look at the screen conveniently and write normally.

You should also put most of your weight on the so-called sit bones, which are medically known as ischial tuberosities. When you sit in this way, you’re not putting pressure on your pelvic floor muscles.

Every hour or some, stand up and take a walk in the office. Walk to the toilet. Rest at the window for a minute or two – by the way, it is also a great exercise to preserve your eyesight! Don’t just sit there.

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