Nordic walking for back pain


If you’re suffering from back pain, you may want to make some changes in your daily life to avoid the necessity of a surgery. Problems associated with back pain can even go as far as a slipped disc and other pathologies which are painful to live with and painful to treat.

The simple solution: Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a kind of exercise which is very much like walking – supported with sticks. By the use of these sticks, the way you walk changes to engage your back muscles, and often muscles you don’t normally use in everyday life or in other sports – especially in the lower back area.

It is not strenuous exercise, although you can make it so by speeding up. However, if you’re new to exercising, Nordic walking is perfect: it strengthens your back and relieves the pain without overtiring you and making you hate workouts.

Can anyone Nordic walk?

If you have any health conditions, you should always check with your doctor or therapist whether you can undertake any physical activity. The risk factor in Nordic walking is very low, so it is beloved by the elderly around Europe. There often Nordic walking clubs and societies where the Nordic walkers exercise together and have a good time.

The cringe factor

In some areas, people still look funny at the walkers who use sticks. However, this is happening less and less. If you’re afraid of strangers’ opinions, walk after dark, walk in a group, or wear a mask to protect you from smog.

It is always a good idea to prevent any serious problems. Save yourself expensive therapy and take up Nordic walking!

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