Physiotherapy instead of psychotherapy: psychosomatic disorders


If you’re one of the growing group of people who struggle with psychosomatic disorders, you may have become frustrated with the inability of the doctors to find the cause of your illness. It may be possible that you’re suffering from a psychosomatic disorder.

Is it the same as hypochondria?

Sometimes people have the misconception that psychosomatic disorder is the same thing as hypochondria. It isn’t true. Hypochondria is a mental condition in which you believe you have one or more diseases and are obsessed with your health. But a psychosomatic disorder is a condition where your mentality genuinely affects your health. So, for example, excessive stress may cause you chronic headaches or stomach ache. Doctors will make a lot of tests, but they’ll find nothing wrong with your body. But they forgot to look into your mind.

Relieve stress

Psychosomatic disorders may be caused by serious trauma and they should be then treated by psychotherapists. But some psychosomatic disorders are less severe: for example, you may be constantly tired or have some unexplainable pains and aches.  If you’ve had tests done and your doctor (and ideally another one for a second opinion) are completely sure there is nothing wrong with your body, you can try visiting a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy relieves stress which accumulates in your body over time. They also correct bad posture and other asymmetries. They work with the body, but the effects of their work often reach to the areas of the psyche.

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