Wake up rested

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Sleep is an important part of our lives. If you’re not sleeping enough, you may be doing irreversible damage to your body and mind.

The effects of poor sleep

Let’s start with your memory. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than their bodies require may have troubles with memory. It makes learning and organizing your life difficult if you can’t remember important things.

Other effects of poor sleep are constant exhaustion and an inability to perform your daily tasks with as much skill and creativity as you could when well-rested.

Your mental health could also suffer. If you’re sleeping for periods shorter than six hours a night for long stretches of time, you may start hallucinating!

Also, your relations with family and friends are bound to suffer if you don’t sleep enough. When you’re tired and grumpy, you’re less likely to be able to control your temper and so, you may become verbally or even physically violent toward your loved ones.

All this because of lack of sleep.

What can you do? Therapy for your sleep

Before you try to get a prescription for some sleep medication, try evaluating your daily life. Are you prioritizing your sleep? What could you sacrifice in order to sleep better and longer?

If you’re a workaholic, focused on earning more and more money, you obviously won’t devote time and attention to your sleep. Meanwhile, your health and relationships will suffer. Consider getting help.

And if you’re hooked on social apps and always go to bed with your phone, try resisting for once. Do yourself a favour and leave the phone in another room.

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