McKenzie's method of rehabilitation


Finding a way to relieve pain and restore your mobility after a variety of operations or serious accidents, and for a variety of illnesses is one of the most important elements of today's modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation. There are still new methods and proposals that use different areas and environments that can be used safely for such purposes. One of the most popular methods used today even in the most severe cases is the method developed by McKenzie.

What is the method?

This method of the New Zealander has been known since the 1950s, when he treated only the spinal column. He quickly noticed that patients who had taken the right sitting position or made simple movements in the back immediately gave up. In this way, it determines a mechanical factor, such as an overload for reasons of discomfort.

The same method is non-invasive and also has the task of finding the right diagnosis, during which the doctor determines whether the pains to which the patient complains, are due to mechanical. For this purpose, specific functional tests are performed to perform indicated ears, intensifying or reducing pain. In therapy you can find two phenomena. Positive we should count the transfer of pain from the perimeter to the center, the negative - the opposite phenomenon.

How does therapy work?

The treatment uses the doctor's recommended movements, selected to the contrary to the ailments and their direction that the patient suffered. Thanks to that the patient is able to feel relief.



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